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Morning Workshops
Select A or B
Tuesday, November 29

9:30 - 12:30
Workshop A – How to Develop an IPD Contract
Workshop Leader: Howard Ashcraft, Partner, Hanson Bridgett

This interactive workshop will examine the critical aspects of an IPD contract and the reasons why each is crucial to project success. Starting with a presentation on why true IPD works, delegates will have an opportunity to explore how responsibility and risk is shared across team members and the pros and cons of alternative IPD variations.

The discussion will be designed to offer a rapid and robust introduction to IPD contracts for those with limited experience, as well as offer advanced tips and lessons learned. Delivered by an expert with experience across dozens of IPD projects, this is a workshop not to be missed.

Howard Ashcraft, Partner, Hanson Bridgett

Howard Ashcraft

9:30 - 12:30
Workshop B – Validation Study
Workshop Leader: Jen Hancock, Board Member, IPDA

This workshop gives the participants a glimpse into the Big Room and what it’s like to be part of an IPD team project. The concepts covered will give you a great start to develop your own Big Room and to learn the advantages of collaboration in the first phase of an IPD project – Validation Phase. We will introduce you to team culture, structure and performance tracking as a starting point.

To engage in Big Room environment, we will provide teams with a project to engage with and learn validated design to budget, validation pull planning and validation workflows.

Jen Hancock, Board Member, IPDA

Jen Hancock

Afternoon Workshops
Select C or D
Tuesday, November 29

13:30 - 16:30
Workshop C – Healthcare Focus: Case Studies
Workshop Leader: Tim McCurley, Director of Project Management, CBRE Workshop Leader: Casey Cooper, CEO, Cherokee Indian Hospital

Robust collaboration with the owner is arguably even more critical for healthcare projects than usual, with complex facilities being developed that are designed to save lives. This interactive workshop will reveal some of the best practices, mistakes made and lessons learned when IPD has been applied to healthcare projects.

The workshop will include an introductory presentation by CBRE, a panel discussion featuring owner experiences and an activity with the audience to ensure all attendees are able to share their own lessons. Due to the nature of this dedicated break-out workshop, each attendee will be able to have their personal questions and concerns addressed by the team of expert facilitators.

Tim McCurley, Director of Project Management, CBRE

Tim McCurley

Casey Cooper, CEO, Cherokee Indian Hospital

Casey Cooper

13:30 - 16:30
Workshop D – State of the Art Collaboration Technology
Workshop Leader: Lydia Knowles, IPD Integrator, Haworth

This workshop will demonstrate the very latest software and hardware available to enable collaboration across multiple offices in real-time. With live demonstrations and example projects on show, attendees will be able to see how significant time savings can be gained through adoption of the right tools. The discussion will also include the methods that Haworth used to select and integrate the technology into their workflow such as staff training and interoperability issues that were overcome.

This will be a valuable hands-on learning experience both for beginners looking for a place to start in setting up a collaborative working space, but also for experienced IPD veterans looking to benchmark their own technology with the very latest on offer who may wish to consider an upgrade.

Lydia Knowles, IPD Integrator, Haworth

Lydia Knowles