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About Event

Based on extensive research with dozens of owners, designers and contractors, the agenda for IPD 2016 will explore every aspect of an IPD.

Step-by-step, the meeting will reveal:

  • Owner experiences and appetite for IPD
  • How to drive a collaborative culture
  • Forming and managing the team
  • Optimizing the roles and responsibilities of individuals
  • The role of technology such as BIM
  • Lessons learned from IPD projects that have gone wrong
  • Preconstruction & estimation for an IPD
  • Developing an integrated supply chain from manufacturing to assembly

BEGINNERS will hear experiences from both small and large projects and develop the understanding and confidence needed to execute their first IPD

ADVANCED professionals will benchmark their experiences with industry leaders and discover yet more lessons learned and practical insights to drive further IPD efficiencies on their projects

Regardless of your background or experience, there is something for you to learn at this first dedicated IPD congress.