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  • Driving IPD Adoption Through Behavioural & Cultural Change

Learn How To Set Up & Execute IPD
Drive Behavioural & Cultural Change
Hear Mistakes Made & Lessons Learned

Despite many successful case studies, the majority of construction projects either do not attempt IPD or fail to get it right.

Dozens of roadblocks remain; convincing the owner; setting up the team; encouraging the right behaviors; executing the project day-to-day.

Integrated Project Delivery 2016 is completely dedicated to IPD and will explore in unprecedented detail the successes and failures of case studies from healthcare, education, real estate and beyond.

From setting up a team and the contract to leveraging the benefits of IPD in preconstruction and assembly, each aspect of the IPD lifecycle will be explored and scrutinized.

Through the meeting, beginners will gain the confidence to perform their first IPD, while IPD leaders will discover the very latest innovations to drive out more cost and inefficiency from their projects.

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